This nice lady is one of hair extension wholesaler sell to salons from UK ,She in hair business around 25 years and was brought too many hair from china different factories before,She said she spend too much money got back too many shit and rubbish hair from other factories,They are almost all bad experiences.Also her current supplier quality very unstable and colours already different with very long time delivery time..So she did business very unhappy caused by too many clients complaints,She feel she spend big money should have everything perfect..But it is not before.

She was contact us through one of our uk local friend who was also friend with her and then told her about our factory,So she willing test our mini i tip,We shipped sample to her within 2 days as we have stock in our factory,She received sample only 5 days after made payment,As she is very professional so she can know quality in very short time..She was extremely very happy with our quality once tested also started big order immediately,She told our UK friend she feel should be earlier know our factory,then she will happy everyday,Now our factory made stock for her which can shipping order fast,Now her business grow up around triple times than before.